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Through the Climate Solutions Living Lab at Harvard Law School, Wendy Jacobs taught me how to apply science to issues of environmental policy. She passed away this year (2021), leaving a giant-sized positive imprint on the world through her law, teaching, and advocacy.

White Papers and Public Comments

Cattaneo, L, McCoy, D.E., Matchett, J., Pollack, E., and Saltzman, V.. (2020). Waste-to Energy and Community Resiliency: Quapaw Nation, OK. Harvard Law School; Climate Solutions Living Lab.

McCoy, D.E., Meeks, A., Clark, A., Gersony, J., Edelman, N. and Goulet, B. (2017) National Monument Lands and Conservation. Public comment on the Department of the Interior (DOI) Notice: Review of Certain National Monuments Established Since 1996.

Goulet, B., Wilkin, H., Lai, P., Gersony, J., Treibergs, K., McCoy, D.E., and Edwards, M. (2017). Oil and Gas Leasing: Ecosystems and Conservation. Public comment on the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Notice: Environmental Impact Statements; Availability, etc.: 2019-2024 Draft Proposed Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program.

McCoy, D.E., Meeks, A.,, and Ross, A. (2017). Enbridge Pipeline Expansion: Concerns. Public comment on the U.S. Department of State (DOS) Notice: Environmental Impact Statements; Availability, etc.: Proposed Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership Line 67 Expansion Project.


McCoy, D.E. and M. Sharp (May 9, 2022). Why abortion is health care. Slate.

Mastroianni, A. and McCoy, D.E. (May 17, 2018) Countries with Less Gender Equity Have More Women in STEM–Huh? Scientific American.

McCoy, D.E. (January 9, 2018). Super-black feathers can absorb virtually every photon of light that hits them. The Conversation.

Edelman, N.B., Goulet, B., and McCoy, D.E. (October 27, 2017) Ecologically Critical National Monument Lands are Under Attack. Harvard Crimson.

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Kolb, R. and McCoy, D.E. (August 3, 2017) Gene-editing tool raises questions about what is ‘disease’. San Francisco Chronicle.

McCoy, D.E. (June 2, 2017). Pittsburgh isn’t the city you think it is, Mr. President. PennLive.

McCoy, D.E. (February 17, 2017). Climate & business: Letter to the Editor. Pittsburgh Tribune Review (TribLive.com).

CovidLoanTracker: Small Business Relief during Covid-19

CovidLoanTracker for Small Business Loans Volunteer Data Scientist


Crowd-sourced effort to track the disbursement of government loans to small businesses during the covid19 crisis

  • Data visualization, data analysis, and website design.
  • Received survey replies from >30,000 small businesses, received news coverage in CNN, NBC Miami, Business Insider, Forbes, the LA Times, and more.

Harvard GrEAT: Environmental Action

Harvard GSAS Environmental Action Team Co-founder and President 2016-2019, Executive Board 2020.



Graduate students for environmental justice. Averaging three focal topics per semester, we encourage graduate students to use their research skills for good and become engaged citizens. For example, we:

  • Wrote and submitted multiple public comments to Regulations.gov on oil and gas leasing, the preservation of wild lands, and more. Partnered with the Harvard Law School Emmett Environmental Policy Clinic
  • Hosted multiple letter-writing, text-banking, and phone-banking advocacy sessions
  • Wrote the Harvard Against Solitary Confinement petition (over 400 signatures) and submitted it to legislators; prompted Representative Denise Provost to submit a proposed amendment about solitary confinement programming to the Massachusetts omnibus criminal justice bill

Harvard Votes Challenge

Co-chair, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

  • Nonpartisan initiative to get out the vote at Harvard